Getting you up and running


Our highly skilled technicians will undertake all aspects of the installation, commissioning and servicing of the complete GN Plastics range of machinery.

Installation includes instructions on how to off load and move the machine into position and connect to the services necessary for the machine to run.

Commissioning includes checking the machine is safe to operate after transportation, installation and the functionality of all the pneumatic and electrics prior to putting the machine into production.  This can take from as little as 3 hours from delivery to production.

We have flexible servicing options for regular intervals or on demand servicing.  Services include a report to identify what work or replacement parts are required in order to return the machine to its optimum performance.

Performance and setup

“Set it and forget it” Our technicians can offer a wealth of experience on performance and setup techniques for the complete range of materials which run on the GN machines.  Their knowledge and know how has developed over decades within the thermoforming industry and are only too pleased to share their knowledge.  . Our technicians have production experience on how to reduce cycle time, improve quality and reduce tool change times to a minimum.

Remote support

“Maximise the benefits of technology – draw from our vast industry experience”.

B&M; offer the remote support via telephone or any other communication system free of charge. We at B&M; are happy to offer support where there is a technical issue with a piece of machinery, assistance in identifying a part, performance tips, or whatever. If we can help we always do. GN Plastics are actively working on maintenance screens which will assist in diagnosing any problems which may occur on the machine. Another project being worked on, which has already been launched on the Dual Mould range of machines, is the modem attachment. This will allow our technicians to access your machine via the Internet to diagnose problems – watch this space.


“Work with a reliable and solid partner”. Here at B&M; we have the facilities to carry out training both in a classroom environment and also on the factory floor. With current legislation requiring every employer to ensure that all persons using work equipment must be adequately trained we at B&M; have the necessary GN trained trainers, the machinery and the environment to carry out such training.

The course is for a duration of two days, which covers Health & Safety, machine setting, machine maintenance and basic tool design and maintenance. On completion of the course the successful trainees receive a Certificate of Competence, with a copy sent to the employer for their training records.

We do from time-to-time hold training days whereby companies who only wish to train/refresh one person can enrol that one employee onto one of the courses, which provides savings on training costs. We can cater for five people per course and can arrange to come to you and train using your equipment if you prefer.

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