GN Thermoforming Equipment of Chester, Nova Scotia, for the first time exhibited its GN800, a high-speed form/cut/stack thermoformer, at K 2016.

The launch of the GN800 marks the company’s entry into the form/cut/stack market, and expands its plug-assist machinery offering.

With the input of customers and toolmakers, the enhanced GN800 will continue to service the production requirements of companies around the world.

Main Features:

  • Forming 150mm above and below sheet line
  • High efficiency heaters
  • Increased tonnage in both forming and cutting stations
  • In-mould-cut capability
  • Optional stacking systems
  • Optional punching station
  • Multi-purpose thermoformer for food, medical, industrial and other special applications

Optional Equipment:

  • Material pre-heating system
  • Motorized material unwind unit (required when no pre-heater is used)

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