B&M Associates: UK and Eires Exclusive Agents and Distributors of the GN Thermoforming brand

Choose a machine and our team!

Here at B&M associates we act as exclusive agents for two of the major names in packaging machinery GN Machines. Not only do we distribute the ranges of machines of this brand throughout the UK and Eire, but we also supply all the after care service in the form of machine servicing and supply of parts. However most importantly our people are experienced in all aspects of machine selection, production flow, installation and commissioning. So if you have a question to ask – fire away!

A Range of Applications

  • Chilled Foods Packaging Manufacture
  • Microwaveable Packaging Manufacture
  • Ovenable Packaging Manufacture
  • Thermoformed Container Manufacture
  • End of line Packing Manufacture
  • Electrical/DIY Product Packaging
  • Disposable Utensil Packaging
  • Temporary Packing for shipping

Servicing & Parts

B and M food packaging machinery servicing and maintenance

We stock and supply parts, perform
repairs and maintenance nationwide